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Lund's Corner

How do I know where to enroll my child?

Many things should be considered when deciding where to enroll your child. All dance academies are different and offer different programs. For this reason, it is important to research programs in your area to ensure your child receives the highest quality of dance instruction.

10 Tips on choosing the best program for your child

1.   Enroll your child in a program in which the staff of the facility encourages the children to do the best that they can.


2.   A professional dance studio will focus on one thing: your child's continued progress in dance. Many dance studios focus more on fun and recreation. In these cases, the main focus of the program is usually the annual recital.


3.   If you want your child to receive quality instruction, choose a professional dance studio with organized goals and objectives.


4.   A quality dance studio will not offer serious Ballet training to dancers under the age of 7 or 8. Experienced dance instructors know that before this age, the body is not ready for the demands of serious Ballet training.


5.   Your children should be enrolled in a program that encourages participation of parents.  


6.   A quality dance teacher will have very strict guidelines as to when your child will be able to start Pointe. Dancing on your toes requires tremendous strength and discipline in order to prevent injuries to the feet and ankles. It is important that the child has developed physical maturity before beginning Pointe. Generally, children are not advised to enroll in Pointe before the age of 13.


7.   You should be provided with written information on tuition costs and other fees that you will be responsible for during the year. Most dance studios offer your child the chance to perform in an annual performance, but you will be expected to pay for a costume or two. 


8.   Check out the philosophy and program objectives of the studio you are interested in.


9.   Directors should have educational experience in addition to their own dance training. Just as in any other profession, it is critical that dance teachers participate regularly in continuing education. They should be well versed in dance and in teaching methods.

 10.  Look for a facility that offers a variety of classes in which your child is interested in enrolling.